BONES - BodyCloseToMine

Размер:2.92 Мб
Дата релиза:30 август 2019

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Текст песни BONES - BodyCloseToMine

I wanna feel your body close to mine First time I met you Your beauty almost made me pine Now all I want is your body close to mine I swear on everything I will do you right Let's take it slow baby I'm gonna take my time On you tonight, baby Underneath the candle light Let's get this fire started Told me one more lie Now we're beyond the line I am on cloud nine Whenever I hear you Your voice brings me life Every time you're speaking I dropped all my pride You got my guard down Run my hands down your spine Now you got chills, baby I'll keep you warm tonight No, don't be scared, baby [Verse 2] You don’t have to tell me twice about how you feel I feel the same, I feel the same You don’t have to tell our friends about what we do We'll keep this between me and you [Bridge] Oh woah oh woah Oh woah oh woah Oh woah oh woah Oh woah oh woah [Verse 3] What you wanna do, I've been thinking about it Taste the roses in the parking lot, we could be outtie Back to my pad, we can relax Feet up in front of the fireplace Pour you a glass and we could drink Or we could smoke Whatever your preference, baby girl The world is yours [Chorus] Body close to mine (You know I want that) Body close to mine (You know I need that) Body close to mine (You know I want that) Body close to mine (You know I need that)

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