BONES - 48843

Размер:1.75 Мб
Дата релиза:30 август 2019

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Текст песни BONES - 48843

[Verse 1] Who's the wildman now? I'm Rudy Ruettiger I'll put you on ya back And now the doctor gotta suture Yeah, I'm loaded but won't shoot at ya Got a razor in my boot for ya I throw them bows like Luda (uh) We pull up, change the temperature Real motherfucker, you just loyal I put you on, embrace you as a brother You'd be spoiled Every song a coil in my mind’s turmoil When they put me in the soil, I'mma make the coffin boil Floorboards creakin' You in your room sleepin' Deadboys silent We lurkin', we creepin' Now back up on ya head, bitch Hit a sweep like the feds bitch Four double eight four three, motherfuck glory I do this shit so when I die again, nobody mourn me Too cashed, I'm soaring All year you tourin' Your label needs money and your family needs supportin’ [Verse 2] It's Mr. Backroad look I only conversate on burners White fire make you burn Chains drag I know you heard us, bitch Stop, drop, lean with it rock Snappin' like Dem Franchize Boyz on the block Always in search of a brighter day Shoot up the roof and ride away They said it couldn't be done But best believe BONES will find a way Best believe BONES will find a way They said it couldn’t be done But best believe BONES will find a way

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