Starset - A Brief History of the Future

Название:A Brief History of the Future
Размер:3.73 Мб
Дата релиза:13 сентябрь 2019

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Dying Soul1 февраля 2020 14:41
This place is a desert for the mind
Devoid of emotion and barren of thought
No real thought, at least
It's no surprise
Most minds here have long since atrophied from lack of use
They wait in flatline for the next rushing jolt of synthetic stimulation
The real world can't compare, even if it were allowed to
Contemplating the real world leads to seeing the world for what it is, a prison
A cell for the mind, body and soul
All my life I've been a prisoner
Cowering at the idea that I might be capable of unique thought
Terrified of what my own instincts might lead to
So how could I blame them?
But it hasn't always been this way
I've heard rumours
Filtered, distant, faded
I seek to know the truth
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