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Denzel Curry - Lonestar Jazz

Исполнитель:Denzel Curry
Название:Lonestar Jazz
Размер:3.39 Мб

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Текст песни: Denzel Curry - Lonestar Jazz

[Verse: Denzel Curry] Outside, looking in Reached me on a place you've never been See, I have the power of many men When I walk, you don't see a grin It's my ignorance with intelligence Militant move, you should never question the elephant I appear, yet I'm barely even here When you're not around, there’s no one that's allowed to see my tears Adam to your Eve, apple of your eye Whatever the circumstances, know I'll end up on your side Carole, hit you with the lovestruck arrow Feelings start to scat like Ella Fitzgerald Pharaoh, honestly, I meant to say pheromone You was always there since my parents was never home Orphan, cracked fortune Protecting my precious orchid from evil forces Dormant, see the sky's not stormless Monday is so heavy Hit you back on a Tuesday, when things feel steady Here's the prophet, the one and only who's laying there Forever known as E, ain't no need for the alias I'm representing Mars till I feel like an alien And you're the only star that I'll date again, love [Chorus: Denzel Curry] Days without your face It's hard to stay sane alone I hate the time you're not here You're the closest thing to home

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