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Scarlxrd - QUICK XNE

Название:QUICK XNE
Размер:6.35 Мб

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Текст песни: Scarlxrd - QUICK XNE

[Verse] I seen this shit and they come and they go And they say that they know [?] [?] I'm bettin’ I'm better than all of your horses I'm tellin’ when I'm 'bout to catch 'em I blow It's irrelevant, ten percent tryin' it's all That's a man and a weapon [?] [?] They know, th- th- th- they know, aha, yeah Windows Yeah yeah Man’s gonna have to go straight in *Takes drag* Is that Shoki in the beat? Yeah, lord, uh Yeah, yeah Uhhhh [Verse] I seen this shit and they come and they go And they say that "Nobodies feeling you bro" [?] I’m bettin' I’m better than all of your horses I'm tellin' when I'm ’bout to catch 'em I blow It's irrelevant, ten percent tryin' it's all That's a man and a weapon [?] [?] [Chorus] Please don't try me, nigga don't try me Hush yo lips, yo packin' up lightly Bustin' yo lively, I'd just let me On my wealth, that's very unlikely [?] They're not alive, they [?] [?] [?] [Verse] Makin' it dirty They can't keep a skin No I can't give 'em mercy I'm makin' 'em see [?] [?] [?] I see what I see Livin' this shit to the fullest Let 'em all die, [?] Pull up in front 'em, they won't ever do it Call up that nigga, [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] Shot two shots to the face [?] two shots, I'll put away You get caught That's a lucky escape If I black out then I'm [?] Pussy [?] this shit Keep it comin' [?] Chewin' on my fist [?] Can I get a grip Like in this difficult When knowing this Karma's not your bitch [?] Yeah Let me get back in the comet uh The shit that you thinkin' is toxic uh I see [?] I'm gonna rhyme and I'm yet to be prime And I'm guessing my [?] [?] [?] No they cannot relate Get the fuck out my face No they cannot relate Get the fuck out my face [?] [?] for today [?] [?] [?] [?] for today [?] [?] [?] [Outro] Cut that, right now Cut that shit Done, no more That's it, I quit Pfft

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