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Foogiano - The Plan

Название:The Plan
Размер:5.85 Мб

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Текст песни: Foogiano - The Plan

[Intro] (Authentic or nothin') Never trust Nobody (SpiffoMadeIt, bitch) Hey [Verse] I met this lil' bitch Yeah, she say she from Atlanta Say she move like Danny Phantom I told her, "Let's get it You know how to use a hammer? Put that nigga on a banner?" She said, "What the mission? Foogi, tell me what to do We can do it me and you" I said, "Point the tool If that pussy nigga move Make that nigga hear the boom" I said, "This the plan You gon' get him to the spot Make sure that you off the clock 'Bout 2 o'clock Get to reachin' for his cock You'll be pullin' out the Glock I'll take it from there I'll be comin' up the stairs with a drum that's hittin' like a snare He ain't no bear What we ask him, he gon' tell The beam on him never fail" She said, "Foo, I got it Boy, let's go and get this profit He move wrong and he get bodied" I told her I like her When we done, girl, I'ma pipe her Hit you with the Roddy Piper Now this how it go All-black Tahoe That be posted at the store You hit the door Ask the nigga for some smokes Then show somethin', you make him choke You give him a smile Look that nigga up and down Ask that nigga for a gram He give you a dub Blowin' kisses for the love He reachin' out, he want a hug You give him a squeeze Tell that nigga you don't tease Reach down and rub his knee He ask for your number Get his phone and type your number He don't know he in the thunder He hit you later Tell him that you 'bout your paper He say he got plenty paper You tell him to prove it Where you at and what you doin'? Pull up, boy, let's make a movie He said, "Girl, I'm comin' Damn, baby, but you're rushin' Make me think you're up to somethin'" You say, "Nigga, please When I gave you that lil' squeeze I told you, nigga, I don't tease Now what you gon' do? Come here, nigga, or it's through I got better shit to do You say you got money? Well, this pussy cost some hundreds Too expensive, stop your frontin'" He said, "Where you at? You'll call a nigga's bluff I like that, baby girl, what's up?" You drop your location Mask on like I'm Jason He don't know I'm in the basement He pick her up Same black Tahoe truck Thirties on it, lifted up Take off to the spot He start flexin' plenty knots Steady lookin' at the clock It's 'bout 1 o'clock Nigga say he got a drop Partner pull up with a Glock He drop off a pack-ah Then he leave, but he was lackin' Get the pack and he unwrap it Bales of the gas Peepin' out, I lift my mask Made my heart start beatin' fast He walk to a room He come back, he got a broom He sweepin' up the residue 'Bout a bag and a half Then he hand her a big bag Tell her, "Go and get some cash" She drop the bag Tell him, "I don't want no bag Nigga, I just want the cash" He tell her, "Come here" He start kissin' on her ear Rubbin' all up on her hips She say, "Where my money? Hundreds, fifties, and the twenties You must thought that I was frontin' You flexin' them bags I don't care nothin' 'bout no bag You could be the middleman Don't fuck with no Patrick You a Patrick if you cappin' Thought you said you had them rackades" He go to the safe Put them hundreds in her face Heart beatin' like I ran a race She look at the clock Action time, it's 2 o'clock Let's turn this shit here up a notch He goin' up the stairs They start walkin' up the stairs He grab her ass and pull her hair She say, "Get my guap" Turn around, he count a knot He turn around, he see the Glock

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