BONES - Equipped

Размер:4.35 Мб
Дата релиза:07 ноябрь 2020

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Текст песни BONES - Equipped

[Verse 1] Your similar to a bitch You finish when I'm equipped Step back, pat pat, now you lyin' in a ditch Sweet dreams as I proceed to get this shit I got drugs up in my blood and a weapon up on my hip Hip, hip hooray, hollow point parade [?] with a knife, put an end to yo charade Right click the date, hover up on save On second thought I delete ya then V12 away Your name is erased, brain is replaced with maggots I'll make sure that your grave is defaced Your style is deep fake, you took it and ran with it Think that you can face me, but you can't even stand with me [Bridge] Get it how you get it, but don't look to me I don't want nothin' to do with you (No, no) Get it how you get it, but don't look to mе (Yeah) I don't want nothin' to do with you (No, no, no) [Verse 2] From the 517 to the 810, I got ya Rеsuscitate the game, call me the doctor It's the MC rocker, microphone abuser Class is in session, baby, and I am the tutor I put two in your melon, I put one in your neck, bitch All my brothers rockin' skulls, baby, thanks for the necklace BONES know to kill the crowd like there ain't nothin' to it You always talk 'bout what you gonna do, well bitch, I do it

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