BONES - .223

Размер:4.95 Мб
Дата релиза:07 ноябрь 2020

Скачать песню BONES - .223 вы можете совершенно бесплатно. Размер mp3 файла 4.95 Мб и качеством 320kbps. Так же можно послушать песню на любом устройстве, телефон (Iphone, Android и т.д.) и найти текст песни.

Текст песни BONES - .223

[Chorus] 517 until the grave .223 at your brain Too many blunts to the face Bones 'bout to make a stain [Verse] Pulling up, rolling deep Prototypes on my feet Just the pain, you get beat Just the ice for the heat Try to rob me? That's a no, no AUG and that bitch blow, blow With the team, never ever solo Push it, shit, push it back in slow-mo Ayy, switchblade on my body (Body) Profit all in my pocket (Pocket) Hit the switch and get to droppin' Got a '64 with hydraulics (What?) Boom, now you're doomed 24 karat cover my tomb Don't make me go back to the shit I used to do (SESH) Ice cold mason, pressed juice vagrant Hundred fifty dollar candles flash with the fragrance Need to leave the city soon, [?] makers Raise my son right 'til my bones turn ancient Back on the motherfuckin' prowl (Woo) I'm the past and the future and the fuckin' right now Blunt guts by the pile, only purchasin' in pounds Happens that I got the [?] in my account [Chorus] 517 until the grave .223 at your brain Too many blunts to the face Bones 'bout to make a stain

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