BONES - Cement

Размер:4.48 Мб
Дата релиза:07 ноябрь 2020

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Текст песни BONES - Cement

[Verse 1] Baby, don't act like you know me Skeleton be where that dope be Say that you 'bout it, then show me Pull up on me and get cold feet Stop it, I'll call your bluff, bitch Your skull get crushed in, I've done had enough, bitch I went to Hell with it, Im undefeated, yeah Nobody steps to me and no one would dare to, yeah Your bitch, she fancy me, that's why she glance at the team Prototypes up on my feet you get stomped out by something I'll release (What?) [Bridge] Frеsh outta the cemetеry Your body shaking, you scared of me Now you will never get rid of me I will haunt you for eternity I got the planet in front of me It's up to me what will happen Talk to the killer that leave you distracted Humans will perish when I get to crackin' [Verse 2] What I go through, I be layin' 'em down Everyone I know is dead to me now I got the thing that look like I might drown Raise up the blunt [?] The sun, it go down and then I'm on the prowl Fuckin' the service, I'm livin' so foul Everyday been up right until now Ready to slaughter [?] Yeah, they really wanna try me, I know Sittin' in the backseat with the scope I be on the [?] I don't wanna do it to 'em But if they push me, I will have to If they push me, I will have to (SESH)

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